Here are the top 13 beauty trends from 2015 we'll be glad to say goodbye to.

Here are the top 13 beauty trends from 2015 we'll be glad to say goodbye to.

2015 saw so many crazy fashion and beauty trends, each one escalating until the Internet was living in fear of what it would have to deal with next. Fashion is supposed to be experimental, of course, but Instagram seems to be powering everyone's choices. Y'all want likes, and you'll do whatever ridiculous thing you have to do to get them! Here are some of this year's top weird and inconvenient things people did and wore that we hope will be forgotten by this time next year:

1. Bubble nails.

2. Dyed armpit hair.

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3. Dying your hair in unnecessarily complicated ways.

4. Like, really, ridiculously elaborate.

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5. Then the styling on top. Stop! Just. Stop.

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6. Also elaborate ways of "cutting" it.

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7. Fake freckles.​

8. Moisturizing yourself with semen.

9. Glitter roots. Glitter everything, really.

10. Clip on man buns.

11. "Multi-masking."

12. Fart suppressing underwear (this is actually useful).

13. Make up selfies that are actually half-baked social statements.


All right, all right, we get it, you express yourself through fashion. Everyone keep doing whatever they want in 2016!