Now THIS is how you do a no-makeup selfie!

Look, in my line of work, I encounter a lot of no-makeup selfies, hashtags, and videos. And I'm always thrilled when the Internet unites to question the unnecessary pressures women face surrounding their appearance. Sometimes a no-makeup endeavor really hits the mark. Other times, even when I enjoy the content and mission, the exact message gets kind of muddled.

That's why I really have to commend YouTuber My Pale Skin, aka Em Ford, for her new video. She hits on all the no-makeup hallmarks we love so much: sad close-ups of a makeup-free face, a dramatic hashtag, a transformation, the incorporation of horrifying Internet comments, and an ultimately uplifting message. She also clearly but simply explains her point: women can't win, whether they do or don't wear makeup (which is sometimes forgotten in the Makeup Shaming War of 2015). The equally disgusting comments Ford would receive on social media in response to both her no-makeup looks and her carefully painted face illustrate, you know, that the world is horrible.

Sources: h/t Mashable