The armpit tattoo trend looks terribly painful.

The armpit tattoo trend looks terribly painful.

Armpits are not the most attractive part of the body. For some, they are pretty much ignored unless they are being shaved or slathered with deodorant, and the rest of the time are thought of as stinky sweat caves. But now people everywhere are breathing new life into their pits by beautifying them with some pretty sweet armpit tattoos.

Let's say this all together: OUCH.

Would you get an #armpittattoo ? It's the latest trend. 🙄🙄

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The #armpittattoo hashtag on Instagram yields over 7000 images of people showing off their underarm ink, and you can almost smell the images through your phone screen.

However, the armpit tattoo is more than just a trend, because, as your mother has probably reminded you several times before, tattoos are permanent (I bet you just read that in your mom's voice). Plus, people have been getting their pits tatted for forever, but leave it to those pesky millennials to steal the idea and make it go viral.



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Crazy man Gordon going down the pit. Thank you!

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So will people actually get to see these tattoos? Uh, yeah! There are plenty of occasions to show 'em off.

1. While doing the wave at a baseball game.


2. While reaching for something on a high shelf.

3. While trying to catch a bouquet at a wedding.

4. While attempting to do pull ups.

5. While throwing your hands in the air like you just don't care.

Right I the sweet spot on Alaina by @disintegrationxvx she's still got a few spots left this week peeps! 🌻

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So pretty.

So stinky.

So painful.


Absolutely love this, it was worth all the pain! #armpittattoo #deathheadmothtattoo

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