15 people who look like they insulted their barber or stylist right before getting a haircut.

15 people who look like they insulted their barber or stylist right before getting a haircut.

Summer is almost here, and so it's time to head to your local barber or salon and get your head-fur looking correct—unless you're one of these people, who have helpfully volunteered to be living examples of what an "incorrect" hairstyle looks like. These people look like they've been caught having sex with their hairstylist's significant other. They look like their barber asked them what they want and they just said whatever noun first popped into their head. They look like someone double-majoring in cosmetology and abstract impressionism stayed up all night and forgot which exam they were taking. They don't look good.

1. This kid, who learned that you should never go shopping for anything—even haircuts—five minutes before the store closes.

2. This guy, who apparently thinks fewer polygons means less maintenance.

3 & 4. More than one person decided this was a good idea.

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5. Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, believes hairstyles and produce should never meet.

Wf. #onionheadmuthafucca

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6. This literal rat tail has been bouncing around the Internet for years, and now it has found a home as the avatar of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter (and #FreeTheNipple advocate) Scout Willis.

7. Try not to cry at this one. It'll be tough. Paul and Vin were such good friends IRL!

8. Mykey O'Halloran went viral for his insane strawberry look, but the Melbourne-based stylist is better known in Australia for traveling the country doing people's hair in the style of local landmarks in fundraisers for the Australian Make-A-Wish foundation.

And this little strawberry went viral 😂👍🍓 @manicpanicnyc @gabyybaybehh @boisobscur #strawberryhair #creativehair #viral

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9. You'd be hard-pressed to top this one.

10. If your kid is acting up, consider a road trip to A-1 Kutz in Snellville, GA, home of the disciplinary haircut.

11. You can't even laugh at this one, because you'll be seen.

These floozies gonna hate, gotta stay on your toes. .

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12. There's a good chance his barber might be himself. That doesn't make this untrue, however.

13. Of all the incomprehensible cuts on this list, this one is the tastiest.

13. Dr. Gino is a perfectly good dentist. For a blind man. Hey-o.

14. Sometimes, artists don't need to explain themselves. Other times, there is simply no possible explanation.

Just fuck my life up forever bruh. #Lmfao #ICantStopLaughing #OnAScaleofOneToEven #ICant

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15. And then there's...whatever this is.