Bath & Body Works, that mall store known for assaulting you with scents, has discovered something totally novel and shocking: that people like remembering things from the 90s. That's why, starting May 27, they're re-releasing some of their classic 90s scents as part of their #FlashbackFragrance campaign. (Because these days, you haven't really launched a campaign unless it has a hashtag.)

Remember when?! They haven't aged a day! #FlashbackFragrance #FBF

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This is actually the second time Bath & Body Works has done Flashback Fragrances; last June and July they re-released an initial batch of 90s scents including Plumeria, Cucumber Melon, and Juniper Breeze. (These are all still available on Bath & Body Works website, in fact, with the label "retired scent." If you're back at work for almost a year, though, can you still really consider yourself retired?)