Makeup vlogger Sukhi Mann posted a video of her using floss not in her mouth, but a bit above it.

A proposed DIY blackhead removal technique, Mann picked up some disposable floss picks and got scraping—and it's cringier than your average Dr. Pimple Popper video.

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If the flossing wasn't enough "repurposed dental hygiene product fun" for you, Mann keeps running with the theme and uses mouthwash on her skin.

Allure reached out to dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban, and asked her if this dentistry-meets-dermatology trend is good for the skin.


According to Dr. Shamban, it isn't as bad as it looks.

"Since she's using it to essentially scrape the skin, it looks like it would be okay [to replicate] as long as you're not using the [flosser stick] in a sawing motion, cutting into the skin," Shamban told Allure. "The only drawback would be that the floss is clean, but not sterile."

While the face flossing is kind of approved, apparently the mouthwash is not good for the skin. Shamban encourages aspiring derma-dentists to check the ingredients to make sure the mouthwash doesn't have menthol, which could cause an allergic reaction.


But just in case, maybe buy face cleanser? They usually sell it in the aisle next to the mouthwash.

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