"But this is how I wore it when the men in white coats took me to modeling school..."

That sweater does have sleeves, right? We can all see that it has sleeves. So the question becomes, "is this model literally too stupid to wear a sweater, or is Marc Jacobs literally too stupid to design one?" Both are possibilities we must consider. If this model is really that dumb, we wish her all the best on what we're sure will be a fabulously successful modeling career. If this is actually how that sweater should be worn... well, we realize that it's mandatory for fashion designers to claim to "reinvent" the whatever-it-is-they're-designing every year, but as real inventors can tell you, that thing should also work. As it is, any woman wearing this won't be able to reach for anything above navel-height without risking her breasts making a surprise appearance. Actually, Mr. Jacobs may be on to something here...

Sources: Yoox