23-year-old Rita from Kiev, Ukraine has amassed almost 200K Instagram followers in less than 6 months because people are falling in love with her delicate little flower tattoos.

Done simply and naturally, Rita use real flowers as a stencil, and then fills in the tattoo to perfectly match the original plant. The result is subtle and charming.


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Rita told Buzzfeed that she always loved flower tattoos, but was looking for a way to make them look more natural. Without using actual plants as a guide, artists "would anyway interpret the object in your own way, and the result is always a styled picture."


As you can see, Rita's results are much more authentic.

Due to her increasing fame, Rita says she is being visited by people from all over the world who bring her plants and flowers that hold sentimental value for them. Something to keep in mind in case you're looking for a really natural looking tattoo of your favorite flower... or pet... or baby.