Just when you thought all the ways to get subtle highlights with a bottle of bleach and a brush had been discovered, enterprising colorists come up with one more. Introducing "fluid hair painting":


The hair is separated in sections, and then hand-painted on a large flat surface. It's kind of like Balayage, except you need way more equipment and it makes a better Instagram photo:

#fluidhairpainting !!! Zo gaaf ! @kleinknip 😍

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The "pioneer" of this technique, KL Christoffsen, says he created it because the position of the hair creates elevation that allows him to see how the color is being applied through the layers, as opposed to when you're sitting up and your hair is hanging flat like a curtain. It's supposed to give way more control to the stylist and create more nuanced color dimension:

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed | Modern Salon