Honestly, we should all have seen this coming. There's glitter roots, glitter beards, glitter here, glitter there. Soon there will be glitter everywhere! If you were allowed to show pubic hair on Instagram, forget it. Maybe people started with their roots, realized they'd never be able to get it off so just tried to push it to a new body part for variety. And here we are: #GlitterPits.

Now we have to call up the stewards of our armpits and have this difficult conversation: "Hello, Tom's of Maine? You're about to be put out of the deodorant business by pore-clogging bits of brightly colored reflective paper. It's a fad called Glitter Pits. Wait, what is glitter made of? Who cares, this is a fake phone call in a blog post. Buh bye!" View what your silence has wrought, people!

Sources: h/t Cosmopolitan