The hot nail look for Halloween: making it look like you don't have nails.

Nail artist PiggyLuv put together a gory tutorial to fool your friends into thinking you've had a bloody injury ten times over.

Gyaaaa what have I DONE??? What will I paint on, now that my nails are gone?

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For added gruesomeness, put some fake nails on top of the real nails that look like you have no nails.


"All I had to do was put some wax on the tip of my finger & mould it into shape, give it some color with the color wheel that was included," writes the awesomely named artist, PiggyLuv, "and I used a fake nail to make the shape of the nails/cuticles."

Here's the tutorial on how to make it happen, with an appropriately creepy soundtrack.

It'll make an original impression at the Halloween party, and not only because it isn't Harley Quinn or Eleven.