28 sets of 'Harry Potter' nails more charming than anything Professor Flitwick could conjure.

28 sets of 'Harry Potter' nails more charming than anything Professor Flitwick could conjure.

It's a scientific fact that the best way to show how much you love something is by putting it on your nails. These Harry Potter fans transfigured their love of wizards and Hogwarts into some really (oh boy, here it comes) MAGICAL nails

1. The boy wizard.

The man (boy), the myth, the legend: Harry Potter with his owl Hedwig, and Gryffindor colors gold and scarlet.

2. The whole gang. 


They look so happy! Maybe they just figured out it's Snape who stole the Sorcerer's Stone. 

3. Angsty Harry.

Circa Order of the Phoenix era.

4. Baby Harry and the giant Snitch. 

Harry Potter nails ⚡️

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Accurate sizes of Daniel Radcliffe and the Golden Snitch.

5. The Hogwarts houses.


The closest thing to a real-life peaceful union the four houses will ever experience.

6. Gryffindor nails, only for the brave. 

And for those courageous enough to blossom into very attractive people (looking at you, Dean Thomas aka Neville Longbottom). 

7. Sparkly Slytherin.

Probably best for Muggles not to sport these if ever in the company of Death Eaters. 


8. Hufflepuff's boring yellow and black.


Hufflepuff, the house of patience and loyalty, is symbolized by the badger. Wear these if you want to get made fun of!

9. Pointy Ravenclaw talons.

For the intellectual sort, or for those who think a diadem would make a great fashion accessory. 

10. All aboard. 


A tribute to the place where wizards escape the world Muggles have to live in. 

11. A wizardly work of art.

Run around yelling "Lumos!" with these nails. Do it.

12. Harry's first Snitch.

✧ snitches get stitches 😘😝 these are from last month 😅😅😅 *:・゚✧

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For those who like their fingers sucked on (because of that one time young Harry caught it in his mouth). 


13. For a Bellatrix cosplay.

Harry Potter halloweenie nails for @giannafiorenze 💀👻🔮🌙 used @vetro_usa @valentinobeautypure

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Lestrange rocked some enviably long nails during all her film appearances. Her dental care left something to be desired, however. 

14. Feelings!

Harry is yelling and has happy memories!!

15. A selection of quintessential wizard symbols.


Including a letter presumably delivered via owl post, which for some reason wizards think is efficient. 

16. Nails overflowing with references. 

There's more going on here than in a pensieve. 

17. A Deathly Hallows tribute from a master of nails. 

And then Death gave the fourth sibling a nail brush that made the best nail art. 


18. The Marauders' Map.

Because it's a Harry Potter Weekend...⚡️@abcfamily #maraudersmap #nails #nailart #harrypotternails #potterhead

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These nails are asking its wearer to get up to mischief all the damn time.

19. The flight of the hippogriff.

The subtle ombré mani will look very nice when flailing around to "Do The Hippogriff."

20. Sirius/Padfoot.


Sirius Black was a looker even in dog form. 

21. Dobby, upgraded to owning two whole socks. 

Dobby never meant to kill... Only to maim or seriously injure✨⚡️ #dobby #harrypotterforever #HPcelebration #harrypotternailart

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Like Dobby, but slightly less annoying, these nails can be with you wherever you go.

22. Cedric Diggory, pre-vampire days.

The first major source of tearstains in reader's books. One day, Hufflepuff will have something to celebrate. 

23. Draco Malfoy, glaring.


Add a layer of shiny top coat to replicate Draco's perpetually slicked-back hair. 

24. The second most annoying cat. 

Flaunt your tendency to tattle on friends with Mrs. Norris tribute nails.

25. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Painted-In-Polish.

Tom Marvolo Riddle. Or as we all know, is an anagram for "I am Lord Voldemort" 😱👓⚡ #alexhpnails

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Only Dumbledore or Harry would've have enough courage to wear these nails.

26. Pinkies can double as wands.


Play wizards on your fingers and creep out everyone near you with these sick nails.

27. The showdown.

Which showdown these nails display can be up to the wearer. 

28. "Always."

RIP Alan Rickman, you will be missed ❤ Nails by @ayewuykenails #harrypotternails #nailpolish

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RIP Alan Rickman. The ideal nails for holding tissues while re-watching Deathly Hallows, Part II and remembering that everyone was always wrong about Snape. 


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