Spoiler alert: The kids' response isn't "They look faaaaaabulous!"

There are fashion photos, and then there are high-fashion photos. The way I usually define the difference between the two is that fashion photos look good, and high fashion photos look like a bunch of deer became human, put on ill-fitting clothes, and decided to put themselves in uncomfortable physical and social positions. Somehow, this supposedly makes people buy clothing. I don't know how. Witchcraft? Probably witchcraft.

Anyway, Spanish artist Yolanda Dominguez, who "develops projects about social subjects, related to gender and consumption" recently put out a video where she asked 8-year-olds to comment on fashion photography. Her goal was to help point out the undercurrents of violence and uneven gender dynamics in fashion ads, and the kids certainly do that. Most of the children's comments were about how the models looked sick, drunk, or like they just generally needed help. In fact, the kids said more than once that if they'd help the models if they saw them on the street. Which is good advice. If you see a model on the street, everyone, remember to help 'em out.

Sources: Yolanda Dominguez