A philosophical thought experiment: If a new Kylie Cosmetics highlighter arrives in the mail, but there's no highlighter inside, did you really spend $22 on it?

Answer: Yes. And also, it's not a philosophical thought experiment, it's real life.

I cannot claim to understand why people flock to Kylie Cosmetics in the way that they do, but some of the brand's most loyal fans might be more reticent to purchase Kylie products after being sent empty boxes that were supposed to contain the new highlighter product. It's called Kylighter (see what they did there?) and every color of the illuminating powder compact is currently sold out online, which is to say: people were very hype about this product. And then, it arrived with no product in it! Cue the sobbing emoji.


This girl is able to have a sense of humor about it because she wasn't a victim:

Is it stealing? Well, not exactly. But it's definitely a huge mistake that the company will create a quality and customer service nightmare. One customer reached out to customer service after opening her empty box and later stated that she was being sent a replacement.


But it seems like this is not an isolated incident, which means they're going to have to do a lot of 'splainin'.

Some of the customers found some other shady stuff going on with their Kylighters. "Some of the boxes also included sketchy labels taped on top of the shade names to hide the words "First Date" underneath," Cosmopolitan reports. "First Date" isn't a Kylighter at all, it's the name of a limited edition blush shade that was released for Valentine's Day. What the heck was going on in that factory? Only time will tell.

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