Call me trashy for putting together this list of upper-butt-area tattoos, but you clicked.

A good reminder of what can happen if you get too close. (via)

I don't generally approve of calling women, or men (who are also on this list), tramps. However, we've all agreed that a tattoo in this particular location is the stamp of a tramp, so here we are. If we accept the notion that tramp stamps exist, we must also accept the idea that some tramp stamps are better than others. Therefore, some must be worse. Way worse. These are not necessarily the trampiest stamps. I tried not to pick anything NSFW (besides some mild buttcrack action). These are not necessarily the worst-drawn. They are just the not-goodest, the awful-most, the terriblifficest. These are those. I hope everyone involved, including me, is happy with themselves and the world right now.


Very official looking. Let no one doubt your trampiness. (via)

God doesn't explicitly forbid tramp stamps, but it's implied. (via)

Ah, so that's where you got your poor decision making skills from. (via)

Thanks for spelling out for us what all tramp stamps imply. (via)


She has to permanently maintain that pose, but it works. (via)

And at the bottom you can see the point at which the tattoo artist said "Nope, that's it. I'm not going any further." (via reddit)

The owner allegedly thinks this tattoo is hilarious. The owner also allegedly thinks.
(via reddit)


"I refuse to be defined by words when an image can say it so well." (via reddit)

I hope those frogs are licensed dermatologists because you should get those moles checked, dude. (via reddit)

"No, having two tramp stamps isn't warning enough...I need to be clear." (via reddit)

On their own, they're whatever. United, these tattoos might have been what convinced Prince to go back to using letters to spell his name. (via reddit)

Love: the only force powerful enough to let someone look the owner of this tattoo in the eye and say "nah, it looks fine." (via reddit)


Kyle is apparently her husband and a beginner tattoo artist. Or was her husband, anyway.
(via reddit)

This is literally an advertisement for regret. (via Mandatory)

You don't need to write it. You just need to hang out around middle-schoolers with your crack showing. (via Pinterest)

Remember that g-string tattoo from up top? It turns out guys can play that game, too, and they can play it way worse:

This looks like a funny mishap from a King of the Hill episode. (via KLAQ)

OK, this one is kinda NSFW, but mostly WTF.

I would never, ever, ever go within a mile of that butt ever again. (via reddit)

Ready for some eyebleach? Here's an actually adorable one.