Yellow blush is the latest makeup trend we don't understand.

Yellow blush is the latest makeup trend we don't understand.

According to Allure, yellow blush is the newest makeup trend taking over Instagram.

Yellow blush is the latest makeup trend we don't understand.
Yes. Yellow. Blush.

Okay, let's talk about this.

We've seen some pretty odd makeup trends in our time, like feathered brows, unicorn eyeliner and geode lips, but nothing else makes you look like you are covered with a thick layer of pollen like yellow blush does. Hey, at least your cheeks will match your car/windows/lungs. Isn't spring just grand?

Leave it to the highly-skilled makeup artists of Instagram to make this trend look less "Lisa Simpson" and more "high fashion."

Who needs highlighter when it looks like you just painted your face with an actual highlighter?

So jaundice chic!

Jessica. #beauty #makeup #yellowblush #fashionphotography

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Well, it definitely gives a glow. Like the sun. Like the bright, yellow sun.

It also seems to work on all skin tones.

Okay, I came into this as a yellow blush skeptic but to be almost looks sort of wearable? I know, I am surprised by this too.

Yellow blush ftw!!!! ๐Ÿ’› Inspired by @dausell and @verttivesala. For my eyes I used my go-to @nablacosmetics eyeshadows of the last days. Most creamy mattes I've come across so far. . Base: @coverfx Sunscreen Primer and @100percentpure Healthy Skin Foundation in Creme. Contour is a grey eyeshadow by @kikomilano with "Go, Charlie Brown!" eyeshadow by @catrice.cosmetics. Blush is "Buttercupcake" by @sugarpill, highlight is @essence_cosmetics "Snowflake" eyeshadow after using the Essence setting spray. Concealer is the Cover FX Cream Concealer in N X-Light, set with the @nevecosmetics High Coverage Mineral Foundation in Fair Neutral. . Eyes: NABLA eyeshadows in "Caramel" (incredible ๐Ÿ’˜), "Peach Velvet", "City Wolf", "Nereide" โ€“ and a touch of "Water Dream" on the center of the lids. I used Sugarpill's "Buttercupcake" and @makeupgeekcosmetics "Cocoa Bear" as well. . Lashes: @kissproducts Trio Lashes in short. I always wanted this kinda lash look and with these triple individuals it is so easy to achieve and comfortable to wear. Mascara is by Alterra. . Brows: @p2_cosmetics_official Brow Pomade and Alverde brow gel. . Lips: @makeupmonsterscosmetics liquid lipstick in "Just Add Marshmallows" ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’„ . . #veganmakeup #veganbeauty #vegancosmetics #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfreecosmetics #veganmakeupshare #veganbeautyaddict #nevecosmetics #nablacosmetics #nabla #makeupmonsterscosmetics #makeupmonsters #makeupgeek #makeupgeekcosmetics #kisslashes #lovekissproducts #100percentpure #coverfx #sugarpill #essencecosmetics #catricecosmetics #p2cosmetics #customlashes #grungeglam #undiscovered_muas #yellowblush #dausell #editorialmakeup #callingallcrafts

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Would you wear yellow blush?

#yellowblush needs to be a thing, #amirite?

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