'Quartz nails' are the hot new trend that make you look like a beautiful rock.

'Quartz nails' are the hot new trend that make you look like a beautiful rock.

'Quartz nails' are the new, difficult trend taking over Instagram and giving nail technicians everywhere major headaches.

Made to look like rose quartz, a mineral thought by many to emit healing and loving energies, these nails will make your hands look like pretty rocks.

My first #marblenails OR #rosequartznails 😂😝

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Sometimes called marble nails or Himalayan salt nails, these manicures are so beautiful and definitely way too hard to do by yourself.

Rose Quartz (2nd attempt) 💕🌹✨ #rosequartz #rosequartznails

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They are also much more understated than some former nail art trends. Remember Pom-pom nails and furry nails?

Dark days, my friends.

But also, they kind of look like raw salmon? Hey, I'm not complaining—I love sushi.

My first attempt at smokey pink quartz for Liz 💎💐 #artistefaceandnails

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As you can see, there are many variations on the nail trend. You can pick different shades of pink, different levels of translucency, and even do an accent nail or two. But no matter what, they are subtle enough that even your strict grandma won't give you sh*t about them.

🌸repost of these babies 🌸 on @ki77ybunny *using Presto #97 Secco*

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As someone who can't manage to paint her own nails without making a mess, I definitely won't be giving myself a rose quartz manicure any time soon.


Better leave this one to the professionals.

Would you ever get a rose quartz manicure?

Rose quartz naglar! #ljuvaljungas #ljuvaljungasfransglans #naildesign #gelnails #nailart #rosequartznails

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