Bitter Lace Beauty, a company that sells handmade makeup on Etsy, recently made a rainbow skin highlighter called Prism, and makeup addicts everywhere are fiending hard for it.

On Sunday, a picture of the product was posted on the Instagram aggregator account @cohmedy without any identifying information (gah, annoying!), so makeup junkies/sleuths went on Reddit to try to suss out the name of the product and where they could get it.


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The color was originally supposed to be a limited edition St. Patrick's Day release, but the company decided to add it to their permanent line. Which is good, because when it became available for purchase, it sold out almost immediately.

SO SPARKLY! A perfect powder rainbow.

Here are some heavier swatches!❤😱🌈 #bitterlacebeauty

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But the owner of Bitter Lace assured everyone that it would be back in stock soon. SO CALM DOWN, EVERYBODY. Soon you, too, will be able to look like a unicorn sneezed on your face.