This summer's hottest new hair trend involves looking like you just got laid without actually having to go through all the hassle of getting laid. So you can finally cancel your Tinder account, because "sexturizing" is what you were after all along.

"No matter what kind of hair type you have, it's all about imperfection that doesn't lay flat—it's sexy, messy, and piece-y texture that moves," explains hairstylist Kat ​Zemtsova, who coined the term "sexturizing." "It's basically the antithesis of stiff waves or sausage curls."


#TBT Maybelline glam look by @bimpeonakoya đź’‹

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There are apparently two ways two achieve this look (neither involve being nude with another person):

1) Simply boost your natural texture with a styling product that mimics the effects of sexy sex-sweat. "On clean, wet hair, you can mist on a waves spray, then tousle it as it air dries," says​ Zemtsova. "On days-old hair, a dry texture spray on the mids to ends will give you the grit without making the hair feel sticky or crunchy."

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