Heathrow Airport commissioned a report on worldwide lipstick trends, because airports and lipstick go together like... train stations and eyeshadow?

Here is what the world would look like if some countries and cities were smothered to death with massive amounts of lipstick. DO YOU LIKE MAKEUP NOW?
(via Heathrow Airport)

Of course, the real reason Heathrow Airport commissioned the report, entitled "Lipstick Colours of the Year," is because the airport is apparently trying to promote itself as a beauty shopping mecca. The idea of buying cosmetics at the airport blows my mind — if I buy a bottle of water at the airport, it's $4.50. How much would a goddamn tube of lipstick cost? I'd probably have to sell my plane ticket just to pay for it. Heathrow is marketing to a category of rich that I've never even thought of before: "I'm going to shop at the airport" rich.

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