Your enchanted guide to the rainbow-filled unicorn trend you can’t escape.

Your enchanted guide to the rainbow-filled unicorn trend you can’t escape.

The legend of the unicorn is that the horned horse is rare—that's what makes it special. But today, unicorns are EVERYWHERE. From unicorn foods to unicorn shoes to unicorn sex toys, products featuring the legendary creature are everywhere you look.
This happy unicorn knows it's his moment.

I went on the journey through the sparkly, rainbow-covered corners of the unicorn-crazy internet, and discovered that the unicorn craze can be divided into two camps, with some overlap.

To many people, "unicorn" simply means rainbow or multicolored. For others, a "unicorn" product takes on the properties of the mystical creature, like the horn.

Behold, here is a taxonomy of all the things the internet has deemed "unicorny."

1. Unicorn Frappuccino

Why it's unicorny: Color scheme

A punchline all over Twitter, this pink drink elicited a spit take from Katy Perry, bursting out of her mouth like a firework.


This one is for looking at, not tasting. You can only imagine what it makes your poop look like.

2. Unicorn Hair

Why it's unicorny: Horn and color scheme

"Unicorn hair" can be interpreted as both hair that makes you look like you have a horn on your head or hair that picks up its palette from Lisa Frank. Both are extremely, overwhelmingly whimsical.


3. Unicorn Frappuccino Hair

UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO?! UNICORN HAIR!!! Stay tuned tonight for a hilarious video!!! Ps. My clients are amazing. @kianarae96

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Why it's unicorny: Color scheme

An inevitable marriage of the two trends, Unicorn Frappuccino Hair is just as drinkable, according to Katy Perry.

4. Unicorn Dildo

Todays Unicorn Horns ready to be cleaned, packaged and sent out to their new homes 🦄 #dildo #anal #geekysextoys

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Why it's unicorny: Horn

This one's horny. Real horny.


Geeky Sex Toys has introduced the Unicorn Dildo for naughty nerds who want to ride that pony. People just want to feel like a unicorn inside.

5. Unicorn Shoes

How cute are these?! Unicorn shoes! #unicorn #unicornshoes #hayden #toocute #letteru #littlewonderspreschool

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Why it's unicorny: Imagery

It's for kids and adults who are crazy about unicorns from head to toe.

6. Unicorn Bread

This is about the prettiest loaf I've ever made! #unicornbread

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Why it's unicorny: Color scheme

For some reason, the use of food coloring in a loaf reminds people of the magical horse.

7. Unicorn Toast

Why it's unicorny: Color scheme

Unlike unicorn bread, in which the colors are baked into the loaf, unicorn toast is all about the spreads on top. It is of equal nutritional value.

8. Unicorn Eyeliner


Why it's unicorny: Both

This eyeliner trend combines both the horn and the color scheme themes, taking the horn on top of the horse's head and putting it next to the eyeball.

9. Unicorn Brushes

Why it's unicorny: Horn and color scheme

One cannot simply apply their magical unicorn makeup with a boring old brush. Grab the unicorn by it's horn and use it to put the shininess on the face.


10. Unicorn Noodles

Why it's unicorny: Color scheme

It's not just for dessert: "unicolors" are invading savory foods as well. There's no escape.

Go forth and eat, drink, look, and masturbate unicorns!