On Sunday, October 23, a parade of (vengeful? empowered? amazing?) women in yoga pants will march past the house of one outspoken Rhode Island man.

This is the risk you take, angry men everywhere, when you write a letter to the editor called, "Please, women, put away the yoga pants."

"[O]n mature, adult women, there is something bizarre and disturbing about the appearance they make in public," reads one choice quote from Alan Sorrentio's outrageous screed against pants.


Sorrentino, who also takes shots at mini-skirts (my man, chill), waxes indignant on "the spector of someone coping poorly with their weight or advancing age" who nonetheless wears whatever she goddamn wants.

Sorrentino also calls the pants, as a rule, "stinky."

Are you baffled yet?

One reader responded, "I'm disappointed, saddened, and mostly scared that I live in a town where we allow a man to publicly body shame women."

A response to the borderline unreadable letter came in the form of a Facebook event called "Yoga Pants Parade," with the simple description:


From Hampden Meadows, down past our friend Alan's house on Knapton St.

Let's take a leisurely walk down Knapton Street wearing our most comfortable pair of yoga pants!

So far, 210 have said they will attend. Sorrentino will likely write a letter about it.

Sources: h/t Daily Dot