And now he'll hate his parents until he's 24. (via Reddit)

Before Facebook, you went through five key stages in your relationship with your father. He held you in the hospital when you were born, you competed with him for your mother's love, you accidentally saw his penis when you were six, you hated him when you were a teenager, and then you spent the next few decades sharing polite conversation about sports and digestion. Now, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, you also have to endure the Facebook stage. Celebrate Father's Day with this collection of fathers exhibiting some truly cringe-worthy behavior on Facebook.


"I'm so happy for you" is also an acceptable response. (via Chzbrgr)

What a crappy joke. (via Social Hype)

This seems like a stable family. (via Thumb Press)

To be fair, her farents could have done a better job teaching her spelling.

Just don't empty the dishes into the cat box like last time.

Maybe hire someone on staff to handle your online interactions with your offspring?

Your fault. You shouldn't have taught him the word "fap."

Won't that scald, Dad? (via Reddit)

Depends on what you're lifting.

When will someone lecture dad about the necessity of punctuation?

It's a rough day when you encounter your dad sexually expressing himself with the word "Giggidy."

When "looking out for my little girl" goes too far.


And lost you as a Facebook friend. (via Lamebook)

Yeah, that's not okay.

I'm starting to really value my dad's discretion.