Here are the best little pieces of advice dads have given their kids.

Hopefully, someone was there to help you through life's many turns.

Just in case you're spending Father's Day racking your brain trying to remember the helpful wisdom your own dad tried to impart, here are some of the best examples of advice we had time to collect:

"Don't give away too much of yourself online"

My stepdad said this to me after reading a piece I wrote about a huge dick (both emotionally and physically) that I encountered. He called me immediately and told me I should really stop giving so much detail into my personal life. While I was mortified that he read my "Giant Dick" article, I'm also thankful that he looks out for me and only wants the best for me. He reminds me to preserve some part of myself for in-person interactions, and not to give my whole life away on the Internet, despite my inclination to do so for my writing career. Sorry you had to read about my sex life, Jim. I promise it's not going well right now anyway, so you won't have to read about it again any time soon. — via Kelly Diamond