Agnes Fenton just turned 110 years old, and she credits her longevity to the same two things that gave us so much of our great American music: booze and God.

Agnes Fenton, pictured here with a case of God. Wait, no, that's the beer.
(via WGN9 News)

Beloved Englewood, New Jersey resident Agnes Fenton just celebrated her 110th birthday, aka the "Holy shit, I'm still here?" birthday. When interviewed about what's kept her going all these years, Fenton cited two things: God, and her daily drinking habit.

But don't worry — those drinks were apparently doctor prescribed.

After seeing a doctor for a benign tumor, Fenton reports “He said, 'Agnes, you must drink three Miller High Lifes a day.'" So, for over 70 years, Fenton had three Miller High Lifes a day (plus a drink of Johnny Walker Blue, because she truly was living the high life).

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