Behold one pastry chef's eerie interpretation of Queen Elsa.

Looks good to me! (via Imgur)

This unfortunate imagining of Queen Elsa was brought to you by The Not-Ace of Cakes. Redditor OfficialBigHead posted the image above with the caption, "The cake that was ordered and the cake that arrived." The family ordered the cake from McGreevey Cakes in New York, and they did not get what they paid for. They got something far worse, but also something better because we get to stare at this train wreck of a birthday cake.

It looks like Elsa has developed an addiction to plastic surgery, spray tans, and shimmery eye shadow. Or maybe the artist was trying to make a statement with the cake, by saying that beauty is fleeting and one day you could wake up and realize you are a stepmom who over-tweezes her eyebrows.

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