15 delicious ways to use all those damn apples you spent hours picking.

15 delicious ways to use all those damn apples you spent hours picking.

Looking for apple recipes thanks to a perfect fall day you had at the apple orchard recently? Of course you are, because like any normal person you were unable to control yourself in front of an unlimited supply of apples and now, in addition to one cute family photo, you have a bajillion apples and a growing hatred of them. Fear not, hapless apple-victim. Here are 15 delicious recipes from 15 different food blogs to help you get rid of your irresponsibly large apple haul.

1. Caramel Apple Nachos

It's fun to tell your kids you're having nachos, but then surprise, dummies! It's fruit. Fool those dumb kids with this recipe from the Pin Junkie.


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2. Apple Beignets

Beignets are a fancy way to say doughnut. That means you can pound a baker's dozen of beignets and still feel classy. Make your own fancy facestuffers with this recipe from Cookstr.

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3. Apple Pie Sangria

Drink till you forget how many mother freakin' apples you picked. Before doing that, read this Cookie Rookie recipe while sober (enough).


4. Apple Roses

To remind yourself next time to pick flowers instead. Tip Hero will show you how to carve your entry-level fruit into entrée-level masterpieces.

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5. Apple Snickers Salad

It's technically a salad. SO SHUT UP! Shut up and help make this recipe from Chef-In-Training.

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6. Apple Gouda Grilled Cheese

This sandwich is not only gouda, it's great-a! (Sorry.) Maybe learning how to make one from Domestic Superhero will make up for that pun.

7. Caramel Apple Crisp Bites

Another fancy way to shove apples into your family are these crispy sugary apple bites from Princess Pinky Girl.

8. Apple Pie Fries

The "ketchup" is caramel. We're all gonna live forever! Head over to Oh Bite It! to learn how to make this fountain of youth for yourself.


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9. Brie and Cheddar Apple Beer Soup

It's got all the food groups: fruit, dairy, beer, and soup. The appropriately named Half-baked Harvest will tell you how to weld together this culinary alloy.

10. Caramel Apple Shots

Do one shot for every apple you picked. Then call 911. Before you do either, though, get the recipe from Food Republic.


11. Apple Pie Pancakes

You know that dream you had last night about picking too many apples? Well, wake up, b*tch, because it wasn't a dream. Now drag your over-picking butt downstairs and make some of Averie Cooks' apple pie pancakes because apple picking has to mean something, right?

12. Apple Pie

It's as American as complaining about having too much fresh produce! Let American pie giant Pillsbury tell you how to dispose of those extra bags of freedom-fruit.


13. Caramel Apple Cheesecake

Is there a way this can be deep-fried? It seems a little light on calories right now. If this absurdly healthy dessert appeals to you, get the recipe from Spiced Blog.

14. Candy Apples

Some people call fruit "nature's candy." Those dorks probably won't eat these. The folks at Food Network will, though.

15 delicious ways to use all those damn apples you spent hours picking.

15. Apple Dog Treats

You might be sick of apples, but your furry friends aren't! Just be sure to remove all the seeds, because those are literally poison. Seriously. But the rest of the apple is fine! If that hasn't terrified you, here's the recipe at Pet Coupon Savings.