Lovers of the sweet, yellow crescent beware: a catastrophic fungal strain may be driving bananas to extinction. Originating from Asia and Australia, the virus, misleadingly named Panama disease, is wiping out the Cavendish banana, the classic kind you typically find in grocery stores, which also happen to be the most internationally traded banana. The disease impedes banana plants from absorbing nutrients and water, and according to Business Insider's video breakdown (below), there's no stopping the fungus once it's infected the plant. 

This won't be Panama disease's first victim in its war on monkey caviar, with the apparently sweeter and tastier Gros Michel banana disappearing from markets during the 1950s in favor of the more virus-resistant Cavendish variety. Thankfully, the Chiquita banana lady won't have to be redesigned so she's weeping and banana-less just yet. Scientists have mapped its genome and are now trying to both genetically modify its resistance and naturally breed stronger species. Play God if you must, you mad lab rats. Just save the goddamn bananas.