Ben & Jerry are willing to make a weed-infused ice cream because they're not dumb.

Ben & Jerry are willing to make a weed-infused ice cream because they're not dumb.

They might as well have been asked if they wanted to be the world's richest men.


The good shit. (Getty)

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are the founders of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. They're better known as simply "Jerry and Ben." They're also well known as a couple of Vermont hippies beloved by stoners the world over. So it's no surprise that when HuffPost Live reporter Alyona Minkovski asked them about making an ice cream flavor infused with THC, they were totally into it. Ben put it very eloquently:

Makes sense to me. You know, combine your pleasures.

Of course, it's not like these pleasures haven't been combined before. Infusing Ben & Jerry's with weed is done all the time, it just usually happens inside a college student. Still, a prepackaged "special" flavor would probably sell like hot cakes (high cakes). So why hasn't it been done? In the interview, Cohen and Greenfield admitted that the decision was not up to them. They haven't been in charge of the company since it was bought by Unilever in 2000.

Maybe the cool heads of that European conglomerate have put more thought into this decision. First of all, it's still illegal. But even if marijuana were legalized on the national level, there would be unexpected consequences. The obesity epidemic would immediately become a pandemic, as a vicious cycle of munchies caused chubby potheads to balloon into human bean bag chairs. Also, the ice cream would likely only be available from a dispensary, eliminating Ben & Jerry's core market of convenience stores where you meant to buy something healthy but find yourself face-to-face with a freezer full of temptation. And what about the rabbits?!


Maybe Unilever's actual problem is the challenge of coming up with cute Ben & Jerry's style names for special flavors. Not to worry! I've come up with a few, free of charge:

  • Marijualnut
  • Butter Pecannabis
  • Cookies and Creefer
  • The Incredible Edibles Eggnog
  • Mochi Kush
  • 420 Blackberries Baked in a Pie

I could do this all day, and will. Hit me up.