Never let someone tell you that your idea is too weird or pointless to make into a reality. Why? Because a company called Say It With Beef exists solely to craft beef jerky into edible flower arrangements for your carnivorous friends and loved ones. They're called "broquets," because only men eat meat, duh.


Look, I'm the last one who'd criticize a whimsically shaped half-pound of seasoned, cured beef as a gift. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm going to order two of these for a Valentine's Day surprise (because I will eat one myself). But the anecdote behind this bit of entrepreneurship is basically the equivalent of repeatedly saying "no homo." Check it out:

What does one dude get another dude who is in the hospital without it being awkward?

That was the question that one computer systems engineer thought as he sat in his cubicle. When one of his coworkers nearly died and was hospitalized, he wanted to get him something. What do you get for someone who is sick? Flowers, right? Sure, but one dude getting another dude flowers would be just . . . well, weird.

As he pondered, he leaned back in his chair and saw a bag of beef jerky sitting at someone's desk, and a light came on in his head. Jerky flowers. He could totally make flowers out of beef jerky. After a run to several stores and a few hours of time, the first Broquet was born.


Can you imagine? A man?? Giving his sick man-friend?!! FLOWERS?!!! Their relationship would have never recovered from some awkwardness. Still, kudos to our guy on the creative gift, which shows he truly does care—no matter who knows it. Good luck with the meat-roses business, but honestly, do yourself a favor and consider expanding your marketing to the millions of non-vegetarian females out there who might like to send a batch of these beauties to their similarly inclined gal pal. Meat may be murder, but it's gender-neutral.

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