In the latest edition of Burger King, no!—Burger King (only in Israel) is offering an "adult toy" meal after 6 p.m. on Valentine's Day.

You know how McDonald's does Happy Meals? And the kids get a toy? But it's not a sex toy because they're kids?

This extra-happy meal is called an "Adults Meal," and they didn't have to be clever about the name because it comes with a sex toy. Technically, an "adults toy." Don't watch the following video unless you want another reason to associate fast food with sex:


Via Ad Week:

The meal comes with:

2 Whoppers
2 packs of french fries
2 beers
A romantic ADULT TOY inside
(emphasis BK’s)

Former episodes of Burger King, no! featured the black bun burger, the hot dog, and who could forget the Cheetos Chicken Fries. You have to be 18+ to order their latest monstrosity.

According to USA Today and the video above, you can expect your "adults toy" to be a feather duster, head massager, or a blindfold.


All hail the king.