Chefs and cooks are glad you're there. For the most part, they like preparing interesting and delicious foods for you to enjoy, as it's their job and you're paying their salary. But as it is with any job, there are cons, and for kitchen workers, those are the dishes that are a loathsome bore, chore, or annoyance to prepare. Some real-life cooks and chefs served up to Reddit the orders they absolutely hate to serve up.


1. This one from WhosWhosWho totally shucks.

Oysters. Place I used to work at offered 50 cent oysters on the half shell, or all you can eat for $30.

I can still hear the chit machine printing my hell. Shuck one dozen, shuck 3 dozen, shuck 12 dozen.

2. DM_Me_Tummy_Pics is going to get carpal tunnel from ice cream. Ice cream.

Ice cream motherfucking sundaes. Oh I know all of you are saying "DM_Me_Tummy_Pics, what are tlking about, it's just ice cream". NO YOU INNOCENT FOOLS!!!!!!

3. This one from KeithTheToaster really cuts.


I got 2 for ya

The fucking tomato manuri cheese salad and the crab avocado salad at Legal Seafoods

Fucking needing to cut every tomato every cucumber and cheese to order while I have 18 other tickets. Duck you!

The crab Avocado is a pain in the ads cause it requires intricate plating. AINT GOT TIME FOR THAT SHIT, its hand scooped with "Olde Fashioned" implements, ie, non-ergonomic handles, so you pretty much feel as if you're ripping tendon from bone trying to chip away at rock hard ice cream.


4. Barista thefatcatlikessnaps confirms what you probably already thought baristas think about you when you get a blended drink.

Not really a restraunt but a "popular coffee chain," frappuccinos and pour overs. Its 6am get a drip not a blended jug of sugar thats not coffee. And no i dont wanna make an individual cup of drip of your special blend cause youre special i got shit to do

5. Allow this guy to cook you food the way it is meant to be cooked. Please.

A well done burger!! Order a salad you beef hating bastards!


6. Cook mewmewflores thinks it's bad to make a Bloody Mary, but they're not the one so hungover they have to drink one, so there.

The only thing I genuinely dislike prepping is our house Bloody Mary mix.

Peel and chop a fuck load of veggies and then glare at it resentfully while it occupies one of my precious few burners for half the afternoon. Frown ruefully while straining it and pureeing it in like a dozen batches because our immersion blender has been broken for months. Grimace while mixing the liquid back in and hauling a heavy sloshing cambro half my height into the walk-in.

And - all of these are pretty deeply petty complaints that I happily accept as just part of the job in other circumstances, but for whatever reason the Bloody Mary mix has gotten fixed in my mind as the ideal point to let myself be irrationally annoyed.

Oh, and during service: fuck people who order hard poached eggs during weekend brunch. Just, no.


7. And then dalekemp had to make five more orders of them because they looked so good to everybody when they walked them through the restaurant, all sizzling and stuff.

I used to work in a restaurant where everything was cooked from fresh, the worst thing to make was probably the fajitas. Fajitas are not hard to make at all but the sheer amount of things in them, first off i have to season all the chicken and peppers and shit and then assemble a plate with wraps, guac, salsa, soured cream and cheese. Mid service that is a pain in the ass.


8. SwissGamerGuy speaks from high upon his perch, where perch is not allowed.

My dad had to make Perch fillet and it drived him crazy.

Not only did you have to dry them in a towel taking a shitload of space but you then would cook them in the most agressive oil on the planet giving your arm 3rd degree burn pimples.

Hell's kitchen pfrrtt. More like the kitchen IS hell.

9. And this chef somehow found a way to speak ill of melted cheese.

Fucking nachos. I never worked the station that made them, but they just sucked in general. They have like 20 ingredients, take up tons of space in the salamander, and they are messy as hell to make. At the place that I used to work the nachos dirtied a minimum of 9 dishes per order with melted cheese, so the dishwashers absolutely loved them too.


10. "Sweet and sour halibut" doesn't sound good to us either, trukviteroth.

At a seafood place I worked at we had sweet and sour halibut. One person had to deep fry the fish, saute had to do the sauce and veggies, rice was in the center, and the grill guy had to grill a slice of pine apple. Could be a cluster fuck on a busy night.

11. Awesomefiber474 just made enemies with about a billion old people.


Not a cook but I'm an expo for a busy restaurant and I fucking hate soup. It sloshes everywhere when I move the bowl and servers hate to run it. I would much rather do your 6 step fajitas over a bowl of soup any day. Fuck soup

12. FartsOnUnicorns hates blooming onions almost as much as your colon does.

I used to work at a place that served a deep-fried blooming onion. Basically fancier onion rings. Such a terrible, terrible dish to make. First of all, it was a pain in the ass and took a lot of time. (Roughly 5 minutes of work, and that's an eternity in kitchen time). Second, the breading method we used didn't work fantastically, and about a third of the time it just fucking didn't work and all the breading would fall off in the fryer. Then, it was too big to fit in a fryer basket, which meant it took up a whole fryer, which was pain in the ass if we wanted to fry more than two other things at the same time. And since it didn't fit in a basket, we simply dropped it into the fryer, which always felt like I was gonna burn myself. Fuck that.


13. Sandwiching this one in from LordSquid1.

Paninis, its a stupid sandwich that you toast. Go get subway, they have more options and they arnt wasting years of culinary practice to put some ham and cheese between bread.

14. You say "potato," kittenrice says a lot of nasty things about you.

My least favorite had to be potato skins.

I worked the grill at a pub and a skins order was chaos in the middle of an otherwise smooth running rush.

They weren't ordered all that often; though, one order meant at least five more would be sure to follow; so they weren't kept on the line. After retrieving them from the freezer, they went into the fryer. Once the shells were fried, they had to be filled and cooked again, this time in the oven.

It was a burger joint, (I know I just said it was a pub...think 5 Guys with a full bar) so we didn't have a proper oven on the line, but a toaster oven tucked away in the prep area, so another trip away from everything that was going on was required. After a frustratingly long time, I think it was 8 minutes, they had to be retrieved, again, and returned to the line, again, for finishing touches and plating.

Realistically, they weren't that big of a deal, but because we, obviously, weren't equipped to accommodate them, they ended up being a giant pain in the ass.


15. Orval dispels the common myth that McRibs don't emerge fully formed, cooked, and sauced from the loin of a unicorn.

The McRib. Fuck the McRib.

Cooking them is whatever, they're cooked exactly the same as the meat, on the grill. But then they get thrown into the BBQ sauce which is in a heated thing on the sandwich line.

No matter what you do, the sauce gets fucking EVERYWHERE, all over the place.


16. The worst thing about shrimp will surprise you. No, not really—Skurvee says it's the smell.

I hate cooking anything with shrimp. After cleaning hundreds of pounds of shrimp over my cooking career, the smell of shrimp makes me cringe. It's hard to clean shrimp with gloves, so I used my bare hands. The smell stuck to my hands.

17. Fortunately for Reddit_Junkie nobody orders this after the senior citizen early bird special winds down at 4:45.

Sliced beef liver topped with fried onions. The smell of beef liver makes me puke and not much makes me puke. Dog shit? Nope. Drunk person vomiting? Nope.


18. At least dubmcswaggins gets to take his anger out on the thing that causes all that anger.

I used to hate cooking fresh lobsters at Red Lobster. I would have to get it out of the tank and stab it in its fucking neck, rip its stomach open, and cook it. Which by the way, It gets cooked in a microwave on steroids, unless you order it grilled.