Chrissy Teigen had all of her foodie dreams come true Wednesday night when chefs from Outback Steakhouse taught her how to make the most sacred of all fried foods: the Bloomin' Onion.

Last week, Teigen tweeted out a desperate plea asking her many followers if anyone could tell her how to make a Bloomin' Onion. Lucky for her, Outback Steakhouse responded.

Thrilled to hear from the birthplace of the Bloomin' Onion itself, Chrissy Teigen excitedly requested that an Outback Steakhouse chef be sent to her house to show her the ways of the Bloomin' Onion.


Like a magical genie (a genie that specializes in ribs and fried food), Outback made Chrissy Teigen's dream come true. She and her husband John Legend got a private lesson on proper Bloomin' Onion technique.

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It's bloomin

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Chrissy Teigen even got her very own official Outback Steakhouse chef coat.

It just goes to show, Twitter can make your dreams come true. (You know, as long as you're already famous.)

Sources: People