Why should babies be exempt from common human decency?

A window into the dark underbelly of the brunch business. (via WCSH6)

Who do babies think they are? No one else in society is allowed sleep, poop, and cry whenever and wherever they want. We've been living under this injustice too long. Luckily for us, a diner owner in Portland, Maine was brave enough to finally do something about it.

Darla Neugebauer is the owner of Marcy's Diner, a popular brunch spot in downtown Portland. On Saturday, a young couple decided to go for a bite at Marcy's. Their toddler started crying, but they did nothing about it. Darla repeatedly tried to get them to take their baby outside, but the couple refused. Darla was fed up. She slammed her hands on the table and yelled at the baby to be quiet. The baby shut up, but the couple was outraged. The baby's mother posted an angry Facebook review, and Darla responded from the Marcy's Diner account:

Sources: WCSH6