11 people who made drinking look uncool forever.

11 people who made drinking look uncool forever.

Just like drinking too many beers, if you watch these peculiar clips too many times in a row, bad ideas can start to seem good. But please, no matter how impressive it seems like it is to drink a beer using only your knees, do not try it—you will look definitively uncool, as these videos demonstrate.

1. Give a bro a fish, and he'll make a salmon beer bong.

2. An elderly gentleman needed to prove he could put a beer on his head and drink it sans hands/arms. He is a grandbro.

Grandbro proceeds to tip the beer into his mouth with his knees. It is not a craze sweeping the nation.

3. Don't do this. Just don't.

4. "OK," you're thinking, "this one's actually pretty cool, what gives?" Danger's not cool, guys. It's just not.

Know what's cool? Safety is cool. Play safe out there guys.

5. If you help someone drink a beer with a selfie stick, your hand involuntarily covers your face in shame.

Ask your doctor; it's a natural reflex.

6.​ It's the reaction. Keep it together you freaking nerds.

Don't you know that cool means being chill? Chill out BROS.

7. The New Jersians who played a "Jews vs. Nazis" drinking game made a clear attempt to ruin beer pong for everyone.

Notable is how NJ.com reported on the incident:

Hogan's Heroes aside, there's nothing remotely humorous about the systematic Nazi extermination of 6 million Jews.

Never miss an opportunity to plug Hogan's Heroes.


8. There are boob guys, butt guys, and this guy.

9. And here is his best friend. He's the worst.

Warning: watching one more video of a guy drinking booze out of a shoe will result in maybe trying it later tonight.

10. Guess what happens?


Is waste cool? It's not. There are some kids who don't even have one beer, let alone enough beer to toss 400 pitchers on the ground in some sort of German masculinity ritual. Get it together, Germany.


11. You've done this.

And you suck for it.

Bonus: This is how you have some cooooool drinking fun with a fish.