Every single piece of cereal is precious, but if you're going to treat each Sugar Smack like a piece of gold, at least look at it before you plop it in your mouth. A redditor posted his gruesome tale to the infamous subreddit "Today I Fucked Up." As usual, the title is absolutely crucial to the brief tragicomedy.

"TIFU by eating a crumb off of my shirt"

... without looking down first.

Plain and simple, I was eating dry cereal out of a bowl with my hands and dropped one on my shirt. I reached down, eyes focused on Reddit is Fun, picked up the piece and put it in my mouth and chewed. An awful taste and a weird texture later, I spat the object out to realize it was one of those damn stink bugs and happened to be crawing up my shirt at the wrong place and the wrong time.

TL;DR: chewed a stink bug