A lot of people set a New Year's Resolution to save money in 2017, but one family is taking that goal to another level. They're trying to make it the whole year without spending any money on food.

Lydia Harvey of New Zealand, her husband, Matt, and their four kids are attempting to spend a grand total of $0 on food this year. They came up with the idea after their youngest child, Ashton was diagnosed with celiac disease and a dairy intolerance.


"I started wondering why our food was making him sick. And then I started asking questions - reading all the ingredients on packets and googling anything that I didn't understand. I realised that so much of what we eat isn't even proper food," Harvey told the Wanganui Chronicle.

Since then, the family has been focusing on locally grown, unprocessed foods. They grow their own fruits and vegetables and produce their own eggs, and are learning to forage and bargain for food.


Harvey often bakes for her friends, and in exchange they give her ingredients. She's also been given produce in exchange for helping people with their gardens.

"My motto is that if you give freely, it will come back to you freely. We always have so many surpluses, and we don't ask for anything in return, people are happy to give back to us," Harvey said.

Man, the rest of us really need to step up our New Year's Resolution games.