April 20th is 4/20 (well, it is in America—sorry, Europe), the only day that stoners can remember, and we already have the munchies.

We asked our readers on Facebook to tell us their dankest delights—that is, the weirdest foods they have ever eaten while stoned—so we can mix up our menus as we faithfully observe the holiday.

And man, many are almost as gross-tasting as the brownie that gets you high in the first place.

1. Lorraine has all the help she needs.

Hamburger Helper... minus the just Helper.


2. Olivia went for the both savory and sweet.

One time I smoked at a friends house and we had no money and barely any food. We ended up eating deli salami on blueberry bagels. Was the greatest thing ever at the time.

3. Courtney has some next-level fun with Funyuns.

Funyuns. All of the Funyuns. The crunching inside your head while loopy is magical.

4. Vic eats efficiently.

Steak with shake on it....Because we had [too] much weed, we ran out if ideas of what to do with it lmao!!!!

5. Robert combined his appetizer and dessert.

We made/ate strawberries w/ whip cream in a tossed salad. Gone in 5 minutes.


6. LaTisha has the whole State Fair.

Don't judge me. Corn dogs with chili and cheese, mustard ketchup and pickle relish and Cheezits...I was blasted and this was about 19 yrs was so good though!! Oh and a peach nehi...


7. Leon isn't allowed to speak of the teriyaki incident ever again.

PB&J with keef. Deep fried chocolate covered bananas. Then there was the teriyaki incident, that didn't do well at all. Learned to not mix Chinese when well stoned. ​​​​​

8. Danielle could be a Subway sandwich artist.

I once ate banana peppers and cottage cheese, then I'm sure paired those with something sweet and chocolate-y afterwards.


9. Brian's seems particularly risky.

Chocolate covered dill pickle slices.

10. Danielle invented her own flavor of chips.

Nacho Doritos and mustard.

11. Lisa has eggs and nuts.

Scrambled eggs with crunchy peanut butter.

12. Caisse's trick is a vegetarian treat.

Peanut butter and bananas in potato bread hot dog buns

13. Jennifer has it all figured out.

Slice of Oscar Mayer roast beef
Small handful of chocolate frosted flakes
Drizzle honey
Roll up like a burrito
Sweet and salty goodness