I am so annoyed with myself for liking this ad from Nature Valley, which gives us the heartbreaking reminder that our children don't play outside anymore. MY EMOTIONS ARE NOT YOURS TO TOY WITH, NATURE VALLEY.

I find it uncomfortable when companies make ads like this, ads where I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly, but I can't escape the icky feeling that I'm sharing an ad. That said, this video is poignant as all get-out. In it, Nature Valley interviews three generations of different families about what they do for fun, and while the older generations talk fondly about playing outside, the youngest generation is all about technology. A child in this video actually says, "I would die if I don't have my tablet," which makes me wonder if she knows the meaning of the word "tablet," or if she thinks "tablet" is a synonym for "food."

Sources: h/t Relevant