Delicious brain poison.

In high school and college, pretty much the whole point of drinking is to destroy your brain enough that maybe you stumble sideways into having awkward sex with an equally brain-destroyed person. Lots of times, you don't even like the cheap liquid garbage you're pouring down your face. That's fine, though. You don't have to enjoy it — you just have to get it down. At least temporarily. (This, by the way, is why humanity invented Jägermeister shots.)

However, as you get older, something insane happens: You actually start to appreciate the flavor of the brain poison you're drinking. Then you start paying extra money for more-nuanced, higher-quality brain poison to drink. Eventually, the whole part about poisoning your brain becomes a sort of annoying by-product of your brain poison-drinking hobby, and you start wishing that you could drink brain poison all night long without eventually saying something mean to your sister-in-law and then getting into a fight with your spouse about who left the kitchen light on.

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