"No, it says flip over for a chance to win. Not be the biggest douche ever."

It doesn't take much to be an outstanding Pizza Hut customer: order in full sentences, say "please" and "thank you" and tip as if the rules of normal society still operate in a Pizza Hut. It takes an awful lot, however, to be a bad Pizza Hut customer. To be such a bad Pizza Hut customer that you end up on the Internet, though, is a feat that few have accomplished. This asshat must have felt that not only did he did not receive his full four dollars and seventy-seven cents worth of service, somehow something else was so terrible that it deserved a tip of zero and the destruction of a fork. In total, a negative tip. We sincerely hope that the opposite side of this receipt had a huge cash prize.

Sources: Redditor MrBigHead