If America was split up based on each state's favorite alcohol, this would be the new map.

If America was split up based on each state's favorite alcohol, this would be the new map.

Politically, Americans are only blue or red. Alcoholically, they're a sopping wet rainbow of diversity.


Now all I can think about is people buried under lake-effect snow hailing the "Northern Ice Wine & Reisling Alliance." (via Vinepair. Click for enlarged image)

Like any simple assertion about alcohol and what kinds of people drink what kinds of it, there are probably a few people out there who would take strong exception to their new countries' labels. But wine blog Vinepair must have a pair on their vine because they went ahead and boldly claimed much of the country's most populous regions as wine country. The light-hearted but informative blog put out the map yesterday, and it led to much discussion online and presumably some fights in a bar later. But it turns out that they're right! Americans drink beer and wine about evenly these days, according to Gallup, especially young people.


I do not understand the Pacific Northwest. Nevada is depressingly easy to get, though.

I still have a few questions—I get that there are a lot of craft beer nuts living in Seattle, but are you really telling me that the mountainous interior of Washington likes wine more than Seattle? I also think we're underestimating the liquoriness of the South.


Sen. Mitch McConnel, from the Great State of Jugs Marked XXX.

But overall, it appears that this map checks out, and we drink a lot more wine than we know. Also, Alaskans drink fermented bee spit. Don't get me wrong, I love me some bee spit in my coffee, but fermented bee spit? What, is Alaska some kind of huge Renaissance Faire where everyone uses axes and lives on their own with axes and....ok yeah I've seen enough Discovery Channel to know that that is exactly what Alaska is, sorry.



Were they drunk when they made this? Alaska is smaller than TX on this map

Head over to Vinepair to see the full-sized map in all its glory.