Politically, Americans are only blue or red. Alcoholically, they're a sopping wet rainbow of diversity.

Now all I can think about is people buried under lake-effect snow hailing the "Northern Ice Wine & Reisling Alliance." (via Vinepair. Click for enlarged image)

Like any simple assertion about alcohol and what kinds of people drink what kinds of it, there are probably a few people out there who would take strong exception to their new countries' labels. But wine blog Vinepair must have a pair on their vine because they went ahead and boldly claimed much of the country's most populous regions as wine country. The light-hearted but informative blog put out the map yesterday, and it led to much discussion online and presumably some fights in a bar later. But it turns out that they're right! Americans drink beer and wine about evenly these days, according to Gallup, especially young people.

Sources: Vinepair