Apparently, you don't have to actually eat a jawbreaker to really enjoy it, as is evident in this video of a giant jawbreaker being melted with a blowtorch. Consider this payback for all those cavities.

The YouTube channel "Let's Melt This" is dedicated to melting stuff (you have to love a title that tells you exactly what you're getting into), and released this hypnotic video of a melting jawbreaker earlier this week. If you could never withstand the jaw pain long enough to reach the middle of the jawbreaker as a kid, you will finally get to see the core of that giant sugar ball. 


From the description:

Melting a giant jawbreaker with a blow torch! Jawbreaker candy is well known for keeping kids busy for hours thanks to its durability. Well today this jawbreaker met its ultimate challenge - a blow torch with a max temperature of 1900 degrees fahrenheit. It took a total of 3 minutes and 46 seconds to completely melt the jawbreaker with a blow torch. We sped the footage up so that our viewers could witness the entire jawbreaker 

The rainbow colored melting sugar, along with the gentle hum from the blowtorch, provides a brain-numbing sort of hypnosis that will distract you from your responsibilities for a glorious one minute and twenty-three seconds. Go ahead. Play it again.