The following video about ketchup cups is legitimately mind-blowing.

If you, like me, didn't know the trick below, you've spent your entire life awkwardly trying to channel your inner waiter, balancing four or five tiny ketchup cups in one hand while carrying a bag of food in the other.

You dropped your ketchup. You smeared it on your hand. You went back for more. And you could have just expanded the cups like a boss.


The worst part is, this video is from 2014. An astounding 13 million people have seen it. Why wasn't I one of those people? Why did nobody tell me? Why didn't I notice that you could just pull the cups and expand those obvious, obvious ridges?

So much ketchup, so many wasted years.

I'm full of so much regret right now, the only solution is a bucket of French fries. Show us how it's done, Amy.