Nobody wins (except onlookers) as rude restauranteur fights even ruder reviewer on Facebook.

Nobody wins (except onlookers) as rude restauranteur fights even ruder reviewer on Facebook.

An unfavorable review on Facebook made this woman the target of her own unfavorable review.

Nobody wins (except onlookers) as rude restauranteur fights even ruder reviewer on Facebook.

Rude to own mother and waitstaff. 2/5 Stars. (via ABC 7)

Brooke Lewis left a review of the Sunset Terrace Lounge and Restaurant in Thousand Oaks, California. Why shouldn't she? it's her Constitutional right, as it is yours. Sure, unfavorable online reviews are often childish rants, personal vendettas, or incomprehensible nonsense, but reviews aren't only for businesses, goods, or services. You can review customers right back!

Lewis originally posted her review of Sunset Terrace on Facebook in June 2014. She details the rudeness of the staff, the slowness of the service, and how the owner, Tyrone, was confrontational on the phone:

[T]he service was poor and the bartender/waitress was very rude! Went in yesterday at 3 p.m. my Mom had already been there for 30 minutes waiting for me and she hadn't even gotten water yet. She had told the bartender/waitress Crystal that she needed to order at least the salads before my boyfriend and I got there and when we got there 15 minutes later she was still waiting to order. ... [T]he "owner" Tyrone was unbelievably rude. My mom is definitely scatter brained and out there but in no means rude and Tyrone tried to explain it away by telling me my mom was "all over the place." ... We left and didn't eat there. Oh and the owner actuall y called my boyfriend after I had talked to him and told my boyfriend I was a crazy bitch and he should break up with me.

Now, nearly a year later in May 2015, Tyrone—who is keeping his last name anonymous—has stepped forward with a response of his own. He claims to have attempted to respond to Lewis' Yelp review, but only recently discovered her Facebook post. So, now that he's been stewing for 11 months, Tyrone let Lewis have it.

Hi Brooke,
Thanks so much for the kind words.
Like any business there are times when we face challenges and sometimes fall short of our goal, which is excellent food and service in a nice atmosphere at a great price.
In the case of your mothers experience, after hearing three (3) witnessed accounts of the incident, I don't feel we fell short in any case. Your mother was struggling greatly that day. If she had been able to get her medications straight and find the ability to articulate her desires my staff would have been more than accommodating.
I can only assume, after years of embarrassment trying to explain the behavior of (as she put it) her “Bitch Daughter" she got her meds mixed up.
Brooke, you are an Ignorant, Disgusting, Miserable, Lying Filthy Cunt Pig!
I feel so bad for your mother, having to feel responsible for such a Foul, Repugnant, Waste of Space just because it spilled from her schizophrenic vagina.
As for you poor embattled boyfriend Erik, please, please, please have the common decency to kill yourself before you burden him with a half Shit child.
The world will be a little bit better place once you no longer a part of it.

Yikes. You can tell he's upset by all the capitalized adjectives, and from the fact he's not backing down or apologizing for his abusive review of Lewis and her family. Lewis tells ABC7 in Los Angeles, "I can't believe that he responded like that, and publicly, and even after all these people are slamming him he still hasn't removed it. He's still admitting that he did it and he's standing by his words."

If it seems a little unfair or one-sided, or if you work in the service industry and smell bullshit, then you might be interested to hear Tyrone's side of this unseemly feud. Tyrone followed up in another post on the Sunset Terrace Facebook page.

After all the interest in my admittedly vulgar Facebook post (which I intended to send to Brooke privately) I think I should give an explanation as to how I came to choose such Spicy language towards her.
Below is the account of what actually happened according to the three (3) witnesses I spoke with immediately after the incident.
Brooke's mother came in and ordered a draft beer from the bartender. The bartender (Crystal) then asked if she would like to see a menu. The woman explained she was waiting for other guests. The woman then spent the next 30 minutes moving from table to table around the restaurant arguing on the phone. It appeared she was trying to figure out what the person on the phone wanted to eat. The woman approached the bar several times to ask questions about different menu items and their ingredients. The bartender (Crystal) said the woman was very irritated that she “didn't know what to order for her daughter" and “that her daughter was going to kill her because she hadn't ordered yet".
A short time later Brooke arrived approaching the bartender and immediately criticizing her, saying “her mother had been here for a long time and hadn't been able to order".
The bartender (Crystal) apologized to Brooke and explained that there must have been some miscommunication as she had attempted multiple times to take her mother's order but her mother had said she wasn't ready.
Brooke then called the bartender (Crystal) “a lying fucking bitch" and said she was going to be late to her hair appointment. The bartender (Crystal) told Brooke that other customers had no problems placing their orders and receiving service. At which time Brook's mother intervened defended the bartender's service and saying she comes in Sunset Terrace all the time.
Brooke and her mother began arguing and ended up leaving Sunset Terrace separately.
Before Brooke's mother left she apologized to the Crystal for her daughter's behavior.
I received phone calls from both Brooke and her boyfriend Erik separately complaining about the service they had received.
While speaking with Brooke I asked if she had called my employee (Crystal) “a lying fucking bitch" she admitted she had but only after Crystal “gave her attitude". After I told Brooke I didn't feel my employee acted inappropriately in any way Brooke told me she had a lot of friends and we would “get a lot more bad Yelp and Facebook reviews".
Brooke's boyfriend Erik said he would change his negative Yelp review to a positive one if the next time his girlfriend's mother visited Sunset Terrace her check was “taken care of" and she was told it was done so at Erik's request.
I apologize to anyone offended by my choice of language towards Brooke.
I do not apologize to Brooke, her boyfriend Erik, and others like them who use social media like Yelp and Facebook to threaten and blackmail hospitality workers and businesses alike. My employee Crystal is a single mom putting herself thru school and working her ass off. Sunset Terrace is a family business struggling to be successful in a very completive market.
Brooke's mother is still an occasional guest at Sunset Terrace and claims not to have spoken to Brooke in some time.

Double yikes. Seems like an unstoppable force of self-centeredness hit an unmovable object of smug self-satisfaction. Clearly Brooke is a mental case whose hair appointment is more important than minding her manners at a lunch with her mother, and Tyrone thinks other people's failure to be polite is a license to be a giant prick in public. When in comes to fighting over the internet, there are no winners. We feel worst for poor Ms. Brooke's Mother for having to be stuck between these two on a regular basis.

Tyrone and the Sunset Terrace seem to want to put the whole thing behind them. After Tyrone told his side of the story, he reminded us what's truly important.


All bullshit aside, Its Taco Tuesday!!

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