California winemakers think they finally found a way to make wine even better. Weed wine, which connoisseurs—likely in a haze of weed smoke and wine vapors—have apparently decided to call Canna Vine, is being produced commercially at last.

While this might sound great, there are several unfortunate downsides at this current moment of Canna Vine history.

First, it's expensive. Elite Daily reports that half a bottle will cost between $120 and $400.


Second, it's illegal almost everywhere. Not just in those states that have yet to make marijuana legal, but in weed-liberated Washington, Oregon, and Colorado as well.

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Those states do not allow sellers to combine alcohol and pot. If you want weed wine in those states, you'd have to go to the trouble of infusing the wine yourself, with a technique called "doing both at the same time."

Lastly, the one place that weed wine's allowed, California, will require you to have a medical marijuana license to purchase it.


Here's the upside: people might now have to brainstorm a medical condition that requires them to get simultaneously drunk and high to cure it. Where will they turn for inspiration?