Whether by accident or an irresistible curiosity, no matter how much we hate to admit it, we've all eaten things that aren't food.

For decades I have coasted on my title as the Best Paper Eater in Second Grade (back then insisted that red construction paper was cherry flavored). We reached out to our readers on Facebook to dish on the weirdest, randomest, non-food things they've eaten.

From barfing up bubbles to getting way too into a game of Trivial Pursuit, you guys delivered.


1. Krissy needed a hero.

I swallowed my Batman tongue ring. It was the bat symbol and had sharp edges so it hurt going down!!

2. Phil wanted to have the spirit inside of him.

When I was a kid, I used to eat church bulletins. No idea why.

3. Jennifer's hubby is ready for the wilderness.

My son was weeks old when my husband was changing his diaper. My husband had his mouth open and my son sprayed into his mouth. If you ever want to know what pee tastes like, ask my husband.

4. Ricki had three arms at one point.

When i was a kid, I swallowed a doll's arm. It was a small doll - probably 5 inches tall. They just let it run it's course through my body, and it did just that!


5. Emma barfed bubbles.

You used to be able to get these round bubble things full of bubble bath....that dissolved in the water and made your bath lovely.....I ate one when I was little thinking it was a was NOT!! I vomited bubbles for about 48 hours it was awful!!

6. Martha was cutting corners.

I use to eat the corners of books I was reading. Why? No clue. Don't know why or when I stopped either.

7. Emma has been through a lot, and a lot has been through Emma.

I swallowed my mother's engagement ring. It's been through me and she still wears it!

8. Lienkie's grandpa made quite the parfait.

My grandpa lived with us and every single morning he would eat a bowl of post tosties (cereal) we usually bought about 2 or 3 boxes so he had a variety, we kept the cereal in their boxes on the fridge along with a can of dry cat food (it was snapped like a dog house with puppies printed all over it) anyways I come home one day and my grandpa starts telling me about the new cereal we bought and how it tastes terrible....After a few minutes of confusion my grandpa takes me to the kitchen and shows me the horrible cereal....He literally ate a full bowl of friskies dry cat food with milk and sugar because even though it tastes horrible he did not want to waste and finished the bowl.... Needless to say he never lived it down but his nails were strong and his hair glossy


9. Katelynn wishes she could erase this one.

I was really young, I don't remember exactly how old, maybe 4 or 5. I got a really pretty looking rainbow eraser from school. It was brand new and perfect and just the most beautiful eraser ever. So for some reason I thought it might taste as amazing as it looked; I sunk my teeth into it. It didn't taste pretty at all.

10. Ingrid needs to call HR.

The peanuts in shipping boxes , I was told they were eco friendly and edible. They did smell and taste like popcorn. But by the looks and laughs from my co-workers I knew I been had.


11. Sue had to change up her Netflix queue.

I drank shards of glass. I had my friend Katie come over at midnight to make sure I 'didn't look like I was dying' and texted my friends Krystal and Blythe who are medical professionals incessantly asking if I was going to die. Everyone said the same thing, you're fine. I woke up the next day so I think I'm gonna live, but I'm also going to avoid watching House, MD for a couple of weeks.


12. Sylvie shared the tale of her son, whose piece shall not pass.

I mainly eat food, but my son...ate the little plastic pie from Trivial Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit, because he was losing, stole it from his brothers pie, got caught and instead of giving it back, swallowed it instead. True story, He was 31 years old!!