Your move, Taco Bell.

French fry taco burger, french fry burger taco, potato, po-tah-to. (via The Vulgar Chef)

Sometimes, you leave it up to big fast food corporations to combine food in unspeakable ways. Other times, you gotta get your hands dirty and do it yourself. The latest video from YouTube culinary master Kyle Marcoux, also known as the "The Vulgar Chef," features a recipe for a french fry taco burger. According to Marcoux:

The fries are prepared same as with the other fry recipes. I chop up some fries, mix them with shredded cheese, nuke them in the microwave for a good 30 seconds. Form the fries into the desires shape I need.

For the fry shells the desired shape is a circle. The easiest way to go about this is to lay the nuked cheesy fries out on a flat surface, and let cool slightly. You know what? Just watch the fuckin' video. (Bake at 450 for 15 minutes)
Sources: The Vulgar Chef | Gizmodo India