Ah, the drive-thru fast food experience. So convenient, so conformist, so constant. Everyone knows how the drive-thru works, and that is why they have become bastions of efficiency, serving us hungry Americans 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

So imagine your frustration when, for some reason, the line isn't moving. That was the situation recently at a Taco Bell in South Euclid, Ohio—pictured above, via Google Street View—and it got so bad that employees called the police to help them with the disgruntled customer holding everything up. Upon questioning her, they learned that she had an unusual complaint:


When they arrived, officers saw that the line was backed up by several car lengths, and asked the frustrated Taco Bell customer what the problem was.

According to the South Euclid police, she told officers the reason for the holdup was that Taco Bell was out of "Mild" sauce, her preferred condiment, and had only "Fire" sauce on hand.

She was also frustrated that Taco Bell would not give her the meal she ordered at half-price for the inconvenience she was facing.

Look, lady, I'll just say it: If you can't handle the Fire sauce at Taco Bell, you have no business eating tacos in the first place—not even what passes for tacos at Taco Bell. I am hereby revoking your taco privileges. It's bad enough that you harangued some people serving you food for minimum wage until they felt threatened enough to call the authorities, but to do it because they didn't have Mild sauce? Step the hell off.


The customer did, according to News 5 Cleveland, eventually leave—presumably with her now-cold tacos and no sauce whatsoever, which is no worse than she deserves for ruining everyone else's day. Not liking spicy food doesn't give you the right to be that salty.

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