Generally, I adopt a "live and let live" philosophy and try not to judge others for their weird quirks, but the way this person is carrying their pizza boxes crosses a line. (Apparently these sideways pizza monsters are everywhere.)

Over the weekend, someone posted this photo on Imgur:

"I think I'm witnessing a drug deal. I mean who the hell carries their pizza like that?" the Imgur user wrote.


The person later clarified in the comments that the boxes were from Canadian pizza chain, Pizza Pizza. The pizzas were not frozen, and they couldn't have been calzones because calzones come in different boxes.

Eventually the image made its way over to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

Naturally, people were horrified that anyone would carry their pizzas sideways.


People were extremely worried that all the gooey, delicious cheese was going to slide right off the pizza.

Apparently this person isn't alone, though. One user pointed out that their mom carries cakes sidways. CAKES!


I know this image was probably hard to view for people who like the cheese on their pizzas to stay firmly intact, so I'd just like to apologize if it has disturbed you to your very core.

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